The inspiration behind the styling of our first photoshoot

                                   Styling real diamonds for every day      

November 2020

Some find it a daunting task to style real diamonds ... but we're here to help with that!

Throughout my career in the fashion industry, I've come across friends, colleagues, and friends of friends who have confided me a little secret: they're intimidated to buy diamonds because they don't think they will wear a real diamond everyday.  Well, we're here to bust that myth, and that was our goal with Indira's first photoshoot.

I understand the trepidation of not wanting to wear one of the most expensive pieces you own during your every day activities.  But what if a real diamond wasn't actually the most expensive thing you owned?  Would you still feel that diamonds need to be saved for special occasions?

"For those Saturday mornings when you're running errands and meeting friends for brunch"
  I personally think that is an outdated sentiment, especially seeing as lab grown diamonds - which are 100% real diamonds - are not nearly as expensive as mined diamonds.  So, why can't we wear real diamonds every day?  Diamonds are one of the most durable elements and are nearly impossible to scratch, which actually makes them perfect for every day because they can take the wear and tear!  Here are some additional outfit ideas for pairing our lab grown diamonds with your #OOTD :) "For that casual date night"